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英语必修一 Units 4-5重点词汇回顾

作者:未知     来源:学苑新报    2016-12-20

  【用法归纳】 1. rescue可作动词,意为“救援,营救”。常用结构:rescue sb. / sth. from sb. / sth. 把……从……营救出来。如:
  The lifeboat was sent out to rescue the sailors from the ship.
  2. rescue可作名词,意为“救援,营救”。常用结构:
  come to one’s rescue救援某人。如:
  The firemen came to our rescue in time, so my family became safe.
  【小试身手】 根据汉语提示完成句子。
  1. He held on to a tree until ________________________
  2. He bravely went into the burning house ____________
  3. ______________ (营救工作) had been going very well until a sudden heavy rain.
  turn to
  【用法归纳】 turn to意为“求助于,(把……)转向”, to是介词。如:
  Follow the main road until a supermarket, and then turn to the right.
  More and more people turn to computer science.
  When I am in trouble, I always turn to her (for help).
  【拓展】 其他与turn相关的常用短语:turn on打开;turn off关闭;turn up调大(声音等),出现,来到;turn down调小(声音等),拒绝; turn over翻转,翻身;turn around转身, 好转。
  【小试身手】 根据句意用turn的相关短语完成句子。
  1. When I get tired, I ____________ biscuits to get energy. 2. There’s no reason to __________________ this advice.
  3. We had been waiting for him for a long time, yet he didn’t ______________.
  4. If you ________________ a turtle (海龟) on its back, it will become helpless.
  5. Make sure to ____________ the light before you leave.  6. The bus was so full that I could hardly _____________. 7. Where’s your book? Take it out and _______________Page 4.
  8. It’s good to have a friend to ______________ when you are in difficulty.

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