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  Ⅰ. 单项选择(15分)
  (   )1. What do you usually do ___ Friday evening?
  A. in    B. on     C. at    D. for
  (   )2. Our teacher comes into the classroom _____  8:00.
  A. at    B. in     C. on     D. for
  (   )3. What do you do after school?
  A. I go to school      B. I take a bus to school
  C. I play basketball with my friends    D. I never go home late
  (   )4. Tom is always late for school. He ________ gets up early.
  A. never   B. often   C. usually  D. sometimes
  (   )5. -- _____ do you have your English class? --- In the morning.
  A. Where  B. When  C. Why     D. What
  (   )6. Please write and tell____ about_____ morning.
  A. he, her   B. my, your  C. him, your  D. she, his
  (   )7. There are a lot of ________ in the room.
  A. people   B. man   C. boy    D. girl
  (   )8. When ____ people go to work in the morning?
  A. do    B. does   C. are   D. is
  (   )9. I have ________ homework to do.
  A. lots of   B. a lot   C. many  D. a few
  (   )10. What time ____ your teacher _____ dinner?
  A. does, eats   B. does, eat
  C. do, eats     D. do, eat
  (   )11. - What time does Bob go to bed every evening?  --________.
  A. At ten   B. In the evening   C. On Monday    D. On February 23rd
  (   )12. Reading helps me learn _________
  A. a lot     B. many   C. a lot of     D. much thing
  (   )13. She doesn’t like Japan. I don’t like it, _______
  A. too    B. also   C. either   D. neither
  (   )14. Either you or he ____ the classroom every morning.
  A. clean   C. cleans   D. to clean   D. cleaning
  (   )15. Jack never eats _____ breakfast, but he always eats bread at____ night.
  A  /, the   B the, /  C /, /  D the, the
  Sam gets  21 at six in the morning ,then he  22 a shower and brushes his 23 . He 24 breakfast at home. He goes to school 25 seven. He has four classes in the morning. He has lunch at school .In the afternoon, he has two classes. After class,he 26 sports. At 5:30, he goes home. After supper, he 27  his homework. He 28 watch TV every evening. He only 29 TV on Saturday evening. He usually 30 bed at nine.
  (  )21.  A .on        B .off        C over        D up
  (  )22  A take       B takes       C do          D does
  (  )23  A .tooth      B teeth       C hair        D face
  (  )24.  A .have      B does       C has         D hasn’t
  (  )25.  A at         B in         C to          D for
  (  )26.  A do         B plays      C watches    D play
  (  )27.  A goes       B does       C has        D did
  (  )28.  A can        B  doesn’t   C never       D want
  (  )29.  A watch      B  watches  C make       D sees
  (  )30.  A makes      B  go to     C goes to     D get up
  Jeff is a Chinese teacher. He works very long hours every day. He gets up at 5 o’clock. He goes running at 5:15. That makes him feel (感觉) healthy. He reads books about history and art at six in the morning. He often says people should never (不应该) stop learning. Breakfast starts at 6:30, and after that he goes to school on his old bike. He usually has three classes in the daytime and two in the evening. His students love his class. They say Jeff is good with them and teaches well. Jeff eats his lunch and supper at school and gets home at about 8:30. He often watches TV or listens to music at home in the evening. After taking a shower, at about 10:15, he goes to bed.
  Sometimes I ask him, “Do you like you job?” He says, “Yes! It’s a good job. Students make me feel young(年轻) and happy.”
  (   )31.Jeff runs every morning because it makes him feel________.
  A. happy   B. exciting  C. healthy   D. interesting
  (   )32. What’s the Chinese for the underline (下划线) word “stop”
  A. 坚持      B. 停止   C. 锻炼  D. C 恢复
  (   )33. Jeff goes to work __________.
  A. at 6:30   B. in his old car   C. to teach English  D. after breakfast
  (   )29. Usually Jeff has _______ classes at school.
  A. five     B. two     C. three    D. four
  (   )30.What does Jeff often do at home in the evening?
  A. read books   B. play the piano  C. watch TV   D. eat supper
  Jane is a nice girl. She lives in London. She studies(学习)in a middle school.
  She gets up at six every day. She likes reading English. She’s a bright girl. She draws pictures well. After school, she often reads books with her grandmother. At seven o’clock in the evening. Jane has supper at home. Every day at eight she does her homework and goes to bed at nine.
  (    )1. Jane lives in ______.
  A. England.    B. New York    C. Paris    D. China
  (    )2. What does Jane like to do? ________.
  A. She likes reading story-books.     B. She likes drawing big pictures
  C. She likes reading Chinese.        D. She likes learning English.
  (    )3. She is a _________ girl.
  A. nice    B. clever    C. tall    D. nice and bright
  (    )4. What does she often do after school? ________.
  A. She draws pictures                         B. She has supper
  C. She does some reading with her grandma       D. She does her homework.
  (    )5. What time does she go to bed? ________.
  A. 8:00    B. 9:00    C. 8:35    C. 9:30
  36.I w_____ to school every day.
  37.Mary likes eating ice-cream. It t______ good.
  38.After I get up, I get d_______ quickly.
  39.We usually eat dinner at a q________ to seven in the evening.
  40.In the evening, Tony e________ watches TV or plays games.
  41. When ________ your parents _________(go) to work?
  42. Who is the _____(one) to get to school?
  43. The student usually does ______(he) homework after school.
  44. It _____ (be) six in the morning. The Whites usually ______(have) breakfast at this time.
  45. His sister loves _______ (play) the piano very much.
  46. Look! His ______ (tooth) are very nice. He brushes ______ (they) every morning.
  47. Jack wants ________________ (exercise) every day.
  48. He _____ (be) never late for school.
  49. Scott ______ (work) at a radio station.
  52. He gets up at six every morning. (对画线部分提问)
  ________  ________ _______he _____ _______ every morning?
  53. Mary goes to work at eight every day. (改为否定句)
  Mary _______ ______ ______ work at eight every day.
  54. I usually get dressed at six thirty. (将主语改成she)
  _______ _______ _______ dressed at six thirty.
  55. Bill usually goes to work in the morning. (对画线部分提问)
  ________ _______ Bill ______ to work?
  56. Lucy’s mother works in a hospital. (对画线部分提问)
  _______ ______ Lucy’s mother ________?
  Ⅵ. 连词成句。(6分)
  57. watch, usually, people, TV, evening, the, in (.)
  58. when, Hao Ming, do, morning, do, exercises (?)
  59. you, what, do, eat, dinner, for(?)
  VII. 完成句子(20分)
  61. 你的父母什么时候吃早饭?
  ________ ________  ________ your parents have breakfast?
  62. 他通常走都很快。
  He ________ _________ _________.
  63. 我们班,李飞唱歌最好。
  In our class, Li Fei _________ _________.
  64. 我每天吃很多蔬菜,所以我有个健康的生活。
  I eat ______ _______ vegetables every day, so I have a _______ ________.
  65. 我们应该每天早上刷牙.
  We should _______ __________ every morning.
  66. 当我回到家的时候,我首先做作业。
  ________ I get home, I usually ________ ______ ____________ ______.
  以   My   busy  day  为题目写出你的一天的日常活动。要求至少写出八句话 , 不得少于60 个。

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