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  when-while   each-every
  surprising-surprised-amazing    happen-take place
  accident-event    everyday-every day
  1.  get out of
  2.  go into
  3. walk down
  4. take off
  5. be surprised
  6. the Museum of Flight
  7. take turns
  8. tell stories
  9. jump down (from)
  10. take photos
  11. run away
  12. think about
  13. next to
  14. in history
  15. shout to/at
  16. hear about
  17. at that time
  18. have fun
  19. in science
  20. take place
  21. the World Trade Center
  22. around the earth
  23. all over the world
  24. come out of
  25. divide into
  三、 重点句子
  1. The boy was walking down the street when the UFO landed.
  2. While the girl was shopping, the alien got out.
  3. Our teacher asked us to stop what we were doing and listen.
  4. Not all events in history are as terrible as this.
  5. People often remember what they were doing when they heard the news of important events in history.

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