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  “I may give you financial aid. But it all depends on what the money is for.”
  *“……But it all depends on for what the money is.”
  常见的情况有下面 4 种:
  ① What are you dreaming of?
  ② Where are you from?
  ①不能改为“Are you dreaming of what?”也不能是“Of what are you dreaming?”②不是“Are you from where?”,更不是“ From where are you?”
  ㈡介词不能移到限定性形容词分句中的关系代词(the relative pronoun in the restricted adjective clause)之前;因此,我们可以③表示心意,但不能用④这样的句子:
  ③ Is this the book that you asked me for?
  *④ Is this the book for that you asked me?
  ⑤ This is the goal that we are striving towards.
  *⑥ This is the goal towards that we are striving.
  ㈢在不可分开的片语动词(the inseparable phrasal verb)里,如果介词在句尾,也只好随遇而安,不便移动。例如:
  ⑦ This is something which I refuse to put up with.
  ⑧ Such a matter should be immediately dealt with.
  ⑨ An 8% increase in salary is not to be sniffed at.
  ⑩ The rising cost is really a thing to be reckoned with.
  11. David is a nice person to work with.
  12. I like to have someone to talk to.
  13. This is not a comfortable place to live in.
  14. Give me a good pen to write with.
  15. Is this a box to put coins in?
  16. There is some useful information for you to refer to.
  17. Can you tell me whom do you share your office with?
  18. This is the last way which the idea can be pushed through.
  19. What reason have you chosen this scheme for?
  20. Can you tell me with whom do you share your office?
  21. This is the best way through which the idea can be pushed.
  22. For what reason have you chosen this scheme?

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